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Installing a custom workshop collection

If you have your own workshop collection or one you found on the workshop that you would like to ...

Changing between multiple services

If you currently have multiple services with us or are planning on ordering an additional service...

Upgrading your service

If you are looking to upgrade/resize your service you can do so from the Resize page of the panel...

Installing additional software

To install additional software on your service click on the Software link in the sidebar You w...

Rebooting your service

There may be times where you need to reboot your service, such as if its not behaving like you ex...

Finding your IP address

The IP address and hostname of your service can be found by clicking on the Access link in the si...

Opping a Player

There are multiple methods you can use to OP a player when using our panel, those methods have be...

Setting a server description, URL and header image

Setting the server description, URL and header image can help advertise your server to other play...

Advanced: WinSCP SFTP Guide

Download and install WinSCP. This is Windows only. You can do this by either going directly to th...

Workshop Resources

If you are having issues with missing textures/models or sounds with addons downloaded from the w...

Restoring Backups

Backup Restoration: To restore a backup created by mods such as FTBU (Feed The Beast Utilities) ...

Adding datapacks

To find your instance please follow this guide:

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